Roald Amundsen and his team reaching the South Pole


In a moment that is a true victory and what we all seek to accomplish in our work life, Amundsen's team has passed Shackleton's mark of furthest South, having taken a completely unknown and previously thought impossible route to the South Pole. PolarLeader now takes you to that little square of windswept plateau that is the last unexplored place on Earth. As the team approaches the South Pole they drop back to ensure that Amundsen is clearly the first person to the pole. It is a touching scene of comradeship and respect. As the Norwegian flag is being planted Amundsen asserts that "This must be done by all of us." He almost ducks his speech, but Wisting reminds him that, "This moment must be marked." You will likely never forget both the irony and the inspiration contained in these few words, from the end of the earth. This is a high point in our Narrative Learning program and an inspiring moment in leadership and team development.